We expect an environment in which divestors may be rewarded to focus onto risk-taking cycle, as markets respond to the shift from monetary to fiscal, but maxim that you need to tread carefully: time to check the reality.

We see 2018 as a year of incentives, with lower investment returns. We believe 2018 as a year of divestiture, with higher levels of volatility. We deploy 2018 into position to check the reality: forewarned is forearmed. Be Ever-Ready.

Domicile of Choice for Investor

Residence and Tax - What is in your pocket?

1. Individual and Investor - a Choice
of Tax Residence: Shaping match instead 'blunt' correlation measures

Transfer to Trust - REIT Opportunity

Transfer to REITs and Unit Trusts

2. REITs and Opportunity - From Estate
to Investment: REITs providing Investors with
correlative liquid stake in Real Estate

Margin Lending for Citizenship-by-Investment

Flat Tax Residence for Retired-Person?

3. Seasonal or Permanent Tax Residence
to Lever your Retirement age with 2-tier
Ever-Ready Plan in the OECS


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